Purchase Criteria and Process | Bank Bulk REO Property Deals

Purchase Criteria and Process

The REO bulk portfolio acquisition process is simple:

Buyers must be ready, financially capable and willing to consummate the transaction today. Absolutely NO financing contingencies. Cash or Line of Credit only.

Submit the following documentation:

  1. LOI and POF . The LOI must be specific  and must have the name, address, land line, cell phone and signature of the Buyer as well as the contact information for doing the Proof-Up.
  2.  Non Compete / Non Circumvention Agreement (NCND)

Failure to provide the required information will delay the processing of your portfolio request. Information may be Faxed to 1-928-752-2482 or e-mailed to: admin AT bankreopropertydeals.com

IMPORTANT!  The Buyer will have a period of  72  hours to review the tape and decide whether to move into due diligence or not. After this time the fee/escrow agreement is established and signed by all parties. The Buyer will need to put a good faith escrow deposit of usually 10% of purchase price to begin due diligence period. The escrow is refundable during the due diligence period. .

The Note acquisition process can be found HERE