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How To Avoid REO Red Flags

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If you’re an intermediary, buyer or seller, the Bulk REO sector is a minefield. You will run into unscrupulous players on the buyers side, sellers side and intermediary side. The profits to be made from REO packages are tremendous. The economy is stagnating, banks are being forced to unload inventory, and the stock market is in a trading range. It is easy to see why so many hedge funds and institutional buyers see quick money in bulk REOs. There is a lack of trust in the industry. Unfortunately there are many players that are on the sellers side that claim they can deliver but never do. There are just as many false buyers that are looking for opportunity but don’t have the inclination or the resources.

Many buyers are jaded. They are burnt out, they have pursued the elusive REO packages for weeks, months.

What follows below are some red flags that the buyer/seller or intermediary you are dealing with is not playing by the rules.   Use OUR resources.  Join Us Now to Ensure Your Success. We help you every step of the way.

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