Bank Bulk REO Property Deals

We work directly with many Banks, Asset companies, Hedge Funds, and other financial institutions in order to obtain Bulk REO and note inventory. We do not work with broker chains, or any other type of chain and deal directly with the Sellers and Buyers of Bulk REO portfolios. Our team has years of Real Estate experience, both as a buyer and seller of portfolios. We have a simple process to get you started, and once you join our membership priority group alerts you will be notified weekly of the best REO deals on the market.

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    If you’re an intermediary, buyer or seller, the Bulk REO sector is a minefield. You will run into unscrupulous players on the buyers side, sellers side and intermediary side. The profits to be made from REO packages are tremendous. The economy is stagnating, banks are being forced to unload inventory, and the stock market is […]

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